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Cowboys Podcast publishes a brand new episode every Monday morning and has never missed a single release. Please enjoy the most consistent, western-themed comedy podcast show in the history of mankind.

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Cowboys used to shoot each other in the back of the head for a garment made from such luxurious, durable, and comfortable materials. Show all your friends and enemies that not only do you have the money to afford such a beautiful blouse but that you also have exquisite taste in fashion and podcast entertainment.

About the boys

Seeking out to become the world’s most deadly Tae-Bo martial artist, Shayne Smith ventured to the top of Mount Nebo to seek training from the infamous instructor known as Mac Arthur. Knowing that the ancient deadly techniques would inevitably lead to his demise, Mac agreed to train him under the one condition that Shayne would buy him lunch every time that they trained. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get the Cowboy Boys stickers?
A: We send stickers to all of our Patreon subscribers and kiss every envelope.

Q: What is the song that plays at the end of the podcast?
A: The song at the end of every episode is called “Cowboy Don’t Change Your Ways” by T.J. Casey who happens to be a real-life cowboy who doesn’t have internet access.

Q: How many tattoos does Shayne have?
A: At least a dozen

Q: What is the deal with Mac?
A: He was born without a personality and had to fabricate one when he became a teenager.

Q: Should I try stand-up comedy?
A: Only as a last resort before joining the French Foreign Legion

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