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Cowboy Boys


The Cowboy Boys Podcast is a comedy podcast created by Shayne Smith and Mac Arthur.
New episodes are released every single Monday. 


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frequently asked questions

Q: How do I get the Cowboy Boys stickers?
A: We send stickers to all of our Patreon subscribers and kiss every envelope.

Q: What is the song that plays at the end of the podcast?
A: The song at the end of every episode is called “Cowboy Don’t Change Your Ways” by T.J. Casey who happens to be a real-life Cowboy who doesn’t have internet access.

Q: How many tattoos does Shayne have?
A: At least a dozen

Q: What is the deal with Mac?
A: He was born without a personality and had to fabricate one when he became a teenager.

Q: Your website colors make my eyes hurt.
A: That isn’t a question and we know.

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